Spotted at Georgian Post

Is there anyone on this page that is in a committed relationship and isn’t just looking to hook up? Like I don’t think that this is what the page was intended for. 
Sincerely, tired of seeing all the posts about hooking up.


So go and tell people what’s wrong with me even though I specifically told you not to. Because what I say doesn’t matter right?


I’m so tired of her rubbing everything in my face. You have people lecturing you and constantly texting you to make sure that you don’t cut again? Well that’s cool, I don’t tell people and I don’t let them find out because I am not proud of this and I don’t need their pit, you don’t people what you’re doing to yourself. You’re just an attention whore and I hate you.

When you cut yourself, you don’t tell people, you lie your ass off so that no ones what you’re really doing doing to yourself. You don’t make it obvious and then flaunt in my face that you have all these people that care about you more than they care about me. You’re just a fucking attention whore and I hate it. You only care about yourself and I hate that I have to live with you for the next 4 1/2 months. Apparently college hates me.